Water is a precious resource for our future: let’s value it together!

We are an innovative benefit corporation, attentive to sustainability, with several years of experience in water technology market.

A new way to drink water
A new way to drink water
With our solutions, you may drink filtered room temperature, cold, sparkling and hot water in all point of consumption.
We can avoid single use plastic bottles, uncomfortable and unfriendly to the environment.
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    Cold sparkling
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TOP COUNTER solutions
For home, office and hospitality with high quality materials such as glass and aluminium
Heavy duty compact solution, to be combined with QFont and QTower.

News, details and meetings involving our company and sustainability in the Water Technology market. To improve our habits.

The steps that are bringing us to obtain the B Corp certification for social and environmental performances.
We chose to utilise R290 propane as an alternative refrigerant: efficient, eco-friendly and natural.
The contribution of the resource of water to the challenge of Sustainable Development.
What does it mean to be our partner?
Being our partner means a corporation build on respect, knowledge sharing, innovation and a shared vision of creating solutions for a sustainable world.